Steve Herich


Captain Steve grew up in Southern California, and has always had a passion for saltwater activities: from fishing to surfing, scuba to spearfishing, and diving for Lobster! He has a true thirst for adventure, and this led him to the rugged, unspoiled beaches of Baja, Mexico. Baja proved to be a true fisherman's paradise, with incredible angling opportunities and lifelong memories. Now, he wants to help guests feel the same sense of adventure and excitement that he experienced in Baja – through experiencing Floridian fishing like never before, from the shoreline! Steve moved to Longboat Key, Florida, in 1992, and has an incredible, diverse fishery right on his doorstep. He can't wait to introduce you to it, all without a boat in sight. He also knows a lot about the local wildlife and loves telling guests about the nature around them as they fish, providing an experience that’s more than just fishing. Come and enjoy a truly unique Floridian experience with your own personal beach guide!

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